Re: Downloading your corkscrew

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Why don’t people download and print full books? Technology is quite there, or is it not just the same as buying the book? Is it the effort that is the burden here?

Medicin Wallet

Being a student who has ADHD, I need to take a pill a day to make sure I can focus and do not be distracted that soon. However, sometimes I tend to forget to take my pill (Concerta) and that is quite funny actually. I need my pill to remember taking it. However, that’s not possible. And I am not going to carry my bottle with pills around all day in case I forgot one. This post features the Medicin Wallet, a wallet with a small compartment that can hold up to three pills. Click the image for the design brief.

Medicin Wallet

Joy of drinking

For the assignment we created this video, which focuses on the positive side of alcohol usage.

Picture Shootin’ @ StrijpS in Eindhoven

Lichtvervuiling in Eindhoven
Lichtvervuiling in Eindhoven

Graffiti at Area51

I was not alone



This really is a photographers playground, smashed up buildings. Love it.

The amount of force that was required to bend this metal was huge, I guess.

At least it is cleaned up.

Long exposure 😉



One stands out
Why is that one window whiter than the other ones?


This is the result of last semesters project Tweeting @ ID. Finding a way to improve information exchange in the Department of Industrial Design.

And a video with a possible scenario of use.

Downloading your corkscrew

I once saw this thing online, it was an ad that should stop people from downloading. It said: You would’t download a car. And then I saw this motivational poster online (some internet meme). I laughed, but I really liked the thing. I would if I could. Because then you would have a car, nobody would be missing one and it is free. Where is the catch?
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The system

Right now I’m a B2.1 student. Yes I consider myself quite happy that I managed to get 60 points in 1 year. Do I consider myself lucky? Well from the percentages I should, but I think it is all thanks to me (yes I’m listing myself first, I eventually have the biggest influence on myself?) and my environment (including family and friends). So far everything, with a little dip two weeks ago, is going splendidly. But what if I keep up this pace? This blogpost is about what I think about my own future, studywise  and inevitably I will bash the educational model of Industrial Design.

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A rant about my vision on design and identities, and how this all gets stuffed in a blender called Industrial Design

My coach told me that it would not be such a bad idea to post this story. Enjoy your meal, blended bullshit!

What is my identity as a designer? A question that is forced upon every student at the department of Industrial Design. In my first year I had no idea about what my identity was, I hardly had an idea about what an identity consists of. During this first year I tried to identify myself as a very straightforward rational designer, someone who does not really like form and senses. But that was something that not everyone would agree with, so I had to put in that I wanted to look in to form and senses. Continue reading

The new coke bottle

The current bottle that is being used for almost every soft drink, is quite well known but totally not eco-friendly in almost every aspect (they are 100% recycable though). Designer Andrew Kim has created the new coke bottle. Click the image to see the full detailed concept.


Another thing that did made me say: That’s clever. Apart from the detail that I would never use it because I also have other stuff to bring with me like a pen, some papers and my power adaptor, this concept is quite nice: Convert your laptop into a briefcase and walk right away. Just walk happily with your laptop, unprotected over the streets, in the rain, in the storm and even in a freaking blizzard. Yes this concept was really for the people who like never leave the house, in which case you wouldn’t need a laptop… But you got a laptop stand, that’s quite useful for RSI and stuff…