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Downloading your corkscrew

I once saw this thing online, it was an ad that should stop people from downloading. It said: You would’t download a car. And then I saw this motivational poster online (some internet meme). I laughed, but I really liked the thing. I would if I could. Because then you would have a car, nobody would be missing one and it is free. Where is the catch?
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The system

Right now I’m a B2.1 student. Yes I consider myself quite happy that I managed to get 60 points in 1 year. Do I consider myself lucky? Well from the percentages I should, but I think it is all thanks to me (yes I’m listing myself first, I eventually have the biggest influence on myself?) and my environment (including family and friends). So far everything, with a little dip two weeks ago, is going splendidly. But what if I keep up this pace? This blogpost is about what I think about my own future, studywise  and inevitably I will bash the educational model of Industrial Design.

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A rant about my vision on design and identities, and how this all gets stuffed in a blender called Industrial Design

My coach told me that it would not be such a bad idea to post this story. Enjoy your meal, blended bullshit!

What is my identity as a designer? A question that is forced upon every student at the department of Industrial Design. In my first year I had no idea about what my identity was, I hardly had an idea about what an identity consists of. During this first year I tried to identify myself as a very straightforward rational designer, someone who does not really like form and senses. But that was something that not everyone would agree with, so I had to put in that I wanted to look in to form and senses. Continue reading