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Medicin Wallet

Being a student who has ADHD, I need to take a pill a day to make sure I can focus and do not be distracted that soon. However, sometimes I tend to forget to take my pill (Concerta) and that is quite funny actually. I need my pill to remember taking it. However, that’s not possible. And I am not going to carry my bottle with pills around all day in case I forgot one. This post features the Medicin Wallet, a wallet with a small compartment that can hold up to three pills. Click the image for the design brief.

Medicin Wallet


This is the result of last semesters project Tweeting @ ID. Finding a way to improve information exchange in the Department of Industrial Design.

And a video with a possible scenario of use.

The new coke bottle

The current bottle that is being used for almost every soft drink, is quite well known but totally not eco-friendly in almost every aspect (they are 100% recycable though). Designer Andrew Kim has created the new coke bottle. Click the image to see the full detailed concept.


Another thing that did made me say: That’s clever.¬†Apart¬†from the detail that I would never use it because I also have other stuff to bring with me like a pen, some papers and my power adaptor, this concept is quite nice: Convert your laptop into a briefcase and walk right away. Just walk happily with your laptop, unprotected over the streets, in the rain, in the storm and even in a freaking blizzard. Yes this concept was really for the people who like never leave the house, in which case you wouldn’t need a laptop… But you got a laptop stand, that’s quite useful for RSI and stuff…

Organize your photos in a totally new way

I can talk for hours about this concept, but I think watching the video will make it way more clear. I’ll give some keywords: Photo, frame, magnets, customize

I like the way this thing is that simple, and that easy to use if you have to believe the video. Oh yeah and one more word I like generally in designs and also in this one: Clever. And btw, the panoramic mode kicks ass!

Invisble chair, I like floatin’ ’round

Oh boy, did you ever feel like sitting on…nothing? Well that is the feeling that others might get when you settle yourself on this nice (and probably very expensive) chair.

A sleek watch I still can’t really read

The Zero Watch. A nice, sleek, smooth, awesome as Steve Jobs would put it, watch. The big blob is the tiny arm, and the small blob is the big arm, indicating the minutes. This one would show something like 17:12 (who would render some image of this watch in the freakin’ morning?). I would buy it, not to tell me the time but more to be the only one that has this awesome watch.